From birth to death, I am God-wired. God dreams are in my DNA. With each passing decade, dreams adjust to a new phase of life and to a changing world. People always need to know God. As the future unfolds, it presents fresh avenues to communicate the story.

My body is not as energized as in earlier times, yet as my soul runs toward the finish line it carries a dream.

I want to give glory to God by writing. It is not a new gift. I became aware of this God-gift at an early age. I used it throughout life. However, it is only now that the timing is right to lean hard into this gift from God.

For the first time in life, the totality of my God walk with family, the church, academic training, work experience, life scars, and accrued wisdom, provides value to share through the written word. It is as if all of the trails of life are crossing at this point.

I have lived life in focused thirds. In the beginning third of life I focused on learning, the second third of life focused on doing, and now I look to the finish line with my focus on being.

My covenant with you is to use this space to reflect on God.  My purpose is to reflect on God in anticipation of moving toward my own life’s finish line. I follow Jesus. Outside of Jesus, I cannot be who God created me to be.

It is only from a position of having declared, “OK, I am in,” that makes it possible to focus on being. I find great satisfaction in knowing the finish line can’t be extremely distant. In God’s timing, I will graduate from earth to eternity.

The need is deep in my soul to reflect on God and his desire that I experience his ultimate and eternal good. I want to spend the remainder of life on what is of ultimate importance. I want to know God more and more as a friend because I believe that is how God wants to know me.

I invite you to journey with me.

I am a New Mexican by birth in the desert of New Mexico. To be an heir of a family with deep faith and a long Christian heritage, blessed my life. God called me to a life with a mission.  Since 1968, I have focused on the proclamation of Jesus by planting churches in the great cities of the Latin world.

As a resident of Latin America for eight years, to direct a full time leadership training school, a Christian camp, and to plant a church with a great team of co-workers was an honor. Today, the church leadership comes from national elders, deacons, teachers, and evangelists.

Upon my family’s return to the United States, I served three years as a member of the Bible Faculty of Lubbock Christian University, and eleven years as a member of the Mission Faculty of Abilene Christian University.

My formal education includes the B.A and M.A. degrees in Bible from Abilene Christian University, and earning the Doctor of Ministry degree from Abilene Christian University in 1994.

Between 1980 and 2011, I worked with the Not-For-Profit entity, Great Cities Missions. I currently serve as Director Emeritus and as a member of the Board of Trustees.

-Gary J Sorrells

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Learning, Doing, Being… That’s it! I echo your desire but hadn’t put it into words like you have. Thank you for writing. My dear friend, sister in Christ, Linda Morrow put me in touch with you. I look forward to reading and sharing more! By the way, would you check to see for sure if I’m on your email list? Ruth


  2. Thank you, Gary. You put into words, just my thoughts. So thrilled with your writing, keep it up. A true talent. May we continue to walk the latter third of our lives and be truly God’s friend.


  3. i was thrilled to read your holyspirit empowered message do send me your spiritual inspirations on my email .Thank you


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