In Christ’s Advent—I Anticipate His Return—For Me!

GodReflection: The Ultimate IN Sider.

In this final post of our current 2022 calendar, my desire is to stimulate each of us to raise our anticipation level as we begin our new year of 2023. The best plan God has for us still stands. It is guaranteed to be worth our wait.

This will close out our in Christ series where we explored anew our unmerited relationship as insiders with Father God, The Son Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. It is obvious that I left fields of riches untouched when I note that Paul alone—not to mention the entirety of Scripture—speaks of our being in Christ more than 160 times in his New Testament letters. The apostle knew of no better way to describe the honor position we have with the Holy.

So here we are in the season of Advent, at the close of 2022 among those in Christ who serve King Jesus. The fourth week of Advent celebrates the final divine entrance of The Holy into the world. God will send Jesus to claim His followers and then terminate history, as we know it. He will come to reign, and all will be well forever.

Jesus’ return will be the last event to restore all of creation to its pristine sinless state. Holy God will break into history with Jesus as He descends from the heavens—and you and I will participant. We will either come with him or will rise to greet him.

It was not my lot to live during the centuries in wait for the birth of the Messiah, yet I wish I could have been in the presence of the shepherds to hear the angelic choir and listen as those same shepherds worshiped before the feed trough where baby Jesus lay.

I am grateful I missed the crucifixion. How. I would like to have seen the spirit descend on the Jesus’ Believers and heard the power of the spirit’s roar. I would love to have been there to listen to Peter’s entire sermon. Surely, it would have been a highlight to be among those who learned first of Jesus’ forgiveness. What would it have been like to see the baptism of the first 3,000 believers? I witnessed none of the above.

However, the next time God breaks into history, I’ll be there. Will I be scared speechless, or will I experience a peace in my spirit unequal to anything I have ever known?

During the fourth and final week of Advent, our prayers focus on anticipation.

Can you imagine what it will be like to be present at the culmination of history? To receive the “thumbs up” sign from the God of the universe as He says the words, well done good and faithful servant, will be a sweet sound we can all anticipate as Christ’s insiders. They will be words we do not deserve. We will hear with the ears of our new heavenly body. However, they will be words that belong only because God will see the sacrificial shadow of His son Jesus between us.

Then, ultimate good—never again to be lost—will be my eternity. I will be home in God’s Holy Presence to love, visit, and worship Him forever. I will live with you in Christ and the saints of history in the company of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Pain, death, and other residuals of sin will be no more.

A prayer for the return of Jesus should always vibrate in my heart. To spend seven days in December—or any other month—anticipating the fulfillment of God’s promises is holy time.

I could get into this Advent stuff. It is a double win.

What joy was present when holiday wrapped gifts rested on the laps of loved ones who awaited surprise. What delight sparked my heart to see the color and glisten of decorative lights. How contentment descended upon my soul as family gathered around the Christmas table. How the Holy Presence came alive as I heard again the words and melodious notes of what we have come to know as Christmas carols.

And then, to have spent four weeks in mental rehearsal of the Four Holy Entrances of God to meet face to face with His human creation.

A week of remembrance of His entrance to announce to Abraham of His restorative plans. Seven days to recall His entrance before Moses to deliver the children of Israel across the Red Sea.

One fourth of our time to marvel at His entrance through Mary and Joseph to live among flawed folks like us in perfection as God in our flesh, as salvation for you and for me. And now finally to look forward with great anticipation to His promised return as he will enter once more into history to live with us forever on His restored earth.

In Christ’s Advent—I Anticipate His Return—For Me!  Have a rich, blessed, and wonderful 2023 in Christ.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on In Christ’s Advent—I Anticipate His Return—For Me!

One thought on “In Christ’s Advent—I Anticipate His Return—For Me!

  1. Thanks, dear Gary. God bless you, precious Servant. I praise and thank Him for your life dedicated to being His follower/imitator.


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