Freedom In Christ—Really!

GodReflection: The Ultimate IN Sider.

But false brothers and sisters, who were brought in secretly, slipped in to spy on our freedom, which we have in Christ Jesus, and to make us slaves (Galatians 2:4).

Do you notice how easy it is to encounter other opinions? They are everywhere. Seems like every person I meet like me has an opinion. They are free of charge as they flow from one human type to the next. There is a part of us deep in our inner most space where we all want to sell our opinion. We hold our opinions tightly because we believe them to be valid. However, the truth is often we are mistaken. Is it possible that the very definition of freedom is the realm where all opinions are true? That is a territory we have yet to experience—or have we?

Here is my observation. Daily, I hear two dominant conceptions of freedom.

The first freedom proclamation is one of governmental guarantee. In my nation since 1776 freedom is assumed. We are free. Free to think, to act, to believe, to choose, free to go, free to do.

A second assumption that approaches epidemic status is self-proclaimed freedom. For this a governmental guarantee is not necessary. The self is king. I am free to do whatever I desire. I rule—it is my life. Laws may be useful for others but not for me. I am free to chart my own course. I can attend, not attend, be late or not be present. I am the king of me. I rule myself by myself, therefore, I am free.

These two common assumptions fill our prisons and our suburban home with slaves who long for freedom. Neither freedom promised by government nor proclaimed by self, lives up to expectation.

Guaranteed freedom is found only in Christ. In the Gospels we see Jesus walk the streets of cities and villages to free all who place their trust in him. Consistently, he challenges the agendas of enslavement promoted by government rulers and religious teachers. Self-sufficiency turns out to be an illusion as the lame, blind, bereaved, and dying, find relief and freedom in Christ alone. To know him, he announces, is to know the truth. The truth will set you free (John 8:32). For if the Son makes you free, you really will be free indeed (John 8:36).

The problem comes once we enter the family of believers. We decide Jesus’s definition of freedom is too simple for us human types to accept. We tend to make our own rules and then anoint ourselves as God’s fruit inspectors. Before we realize it, we find ourselves in the company of the apostle Paul where we as the offender or another person slips in to spy on our freedom, which we have in Christ Jesus, and to make us slaves (Galatians 2:4). It is only when we remain in Christ and let him be Lord and King rather than us that we really are free in Christ.

Here is what I have notice. As followers of Jesus, we experience true freedom in Christ when we take each other at our word, and together enjoy fellowship with each other in Christ. Those times are real. There is no call to judge each other. We are free to enjoy. I can’t help but look forward with great anticipation to the next reality when in eternity freedom in Christ will be the perfect norm—no government guarantees will be needed, and self-proclaimed freedom will no longer exist. We will live in eternal freedom in Christ. 

Freedom in Christ really exists. Let’s live in it now and make plans to meet at Christ’s return and enjoy it together.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on Freedom In Christ—Really!


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