The More I Believe—The Less I Believe

GodReflection: I Believe.

Back in college days as the lone member of my household I would go to the laundromat to wash cloths. A rather neat place for those without a washer or dryer. Thankfully, I was past the history of scrub boards, wash tubs and clotheslines.

With the new independence of adulthood who was I to sort brights from whites? Everything went into the washer together with little regard for filthiness or color. What difference did it make if a dirty red shirt was next to white underwear or white handkerchiefs? My resultant pink tint shorts and rose color hanky would be mostly out of sight. Once the dryer finished its work, everything returned to my big basket to begin the great sort. Shirts and pants to hangers—socks paired—shorts and handkerchiefs (folded more or less).

Allow me to leave the laundry room and go to the chapel. Yesterday, my wife and I logged onto a weekly Bible class taught by our lifelong friend Walter Lapa. His lesson for the day was a reminder of the importance of music and song to help us walk closer to the Holy. Shortly thereafter the words of a hymn we sang in our churches in the nineteen eighties and nineties entered my mind.

Church elder and entrepreneur Alton Howard wrote the music and the words for the hymn, I Believe in Jesus during 1977.

I believe in the One they call Jesus. I believe He stilled storm Galilee. I believed that He walked on the water. And I believe that He’s the answer for me.

I believe in the words of the Bible. How He made the poor blind man to see. I believe that the deaf ears were opened. And I believe He makes a difference in me.

I believe that He spoke to dead Lazarus. And He said unbind and set free. I believe that He reigns up in heaven. And I believe He is coming again.

Yes, I believe in the One they call Jesus. I believe he died on Mount Calvary; And I believe that the tomb was found empty. And I believe that He’s the answer for me.

In the first post of this series, I shared the point in time when I made the basic decision to believe God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and my Bible. Then, referred to the fact that it takes the major portion of life to sort Holy reality from the cultural noise that bombards us. Like the task at the laundromat, we must go through the necessary process to separate out filth and hold onto the clean.

The horizon of my eightieth decade is not too distant. After a lifetime of sorting through my daily laundry of cultural noise and truth, I find I am at the place in life where the more I believe—the less I believe. Stay with me—the more I read my Bible and the more I come to know Jesus, the less I believe the multisource noise that attacks my ears with off-the-wall opinions.

If you are reading over my shoulder from another country the political noise, and the cultural noise that invades your ears will differ somewhat from the political parties and the incessant chatter and discord that flows my way every time I turn the switch to on.

Here is what I notice. The more I believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit, and their inspired Scripture the less I feel the need to express an opinion on cultural noise. All nations are under the rule of the Kingdom of God. The Holy rules—not me.

Let us all unit our hearts to believe more in the Holy and believe less in the noise played by Satan through the sound systems pointed in our direction.

Wouldn’t we all discover that to be a more tranquil way to spend our days and nights?

Stay tuned,

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on The More I Believe—The Less I Believe.

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