Jesus and Jigsaw Puzzles

GodReflection: Share It Again Power Words

I have neither the patience nor the visionary spatial skills to do jigsaw puzzles. Sure, as a little blond hair lad I could handle a simple puzzle of 20 pieces. However, each piece WAS BIG, and the picture was simple. A boy with a head, arms, legs, hands, feet, and a baseball cap worked well as a starter jigsaw challenge.

My son-in-law and daughter show great skill as they construct puzzle projects I could never accomplish. A two-thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle is pure recreation for them. Through patience and an eye for the exact right piece at the exact right time their creations hang in frames that grace the walls of our home.

It dawns upon me there is a certain parallel between jigsaw puzzles and Holy-given power words. To combine God’s words of power into a coherent whole in my life is often more of a challenge than I can figure out. Each of God’s power words are like separate puzzle pieces. Granted there is a distinct completeness to each piece of the puzzle. However, it is in their joint presentation that the picture appears.

I thrust my hand into God’s power words puzzle box and pull out the pieces—Abba, assurance, authentic, and authority. I attempt to see how they fit. Then I select belief, blessed, blood, bread, and buried. Once more my fingers search through the box and their reward is body, called, chosen, church, confession, and compassion. I don’t know exactly how the pieces—cost, courage, and patience fit, so I sit them aside for closer examination. It’s an exercise in trial and error. Piece by piece the puzzle forms and evolves into the final product. One day a completed picture will form.

Powered by God’s Holy Spirit I live with purpose to let Jesus transform my life. It will be a grand day when I awake from death to experience my life’s holy puzzle complete. A majestic thought just entered my mind. When the last puzzle piece is in its place the scene—filled in piece by piece over a lifetime—will change in the blink of an eye. My life’s landscape will no longer be a conglomeration of separate interlocked power words. Every piece will be in its designed place. The hues will be exact. The depth of the scenery will be perfect. The eye will know spot on where to focus.

God will look at the blood-stained puzzle pieces and Jesus will appear as the eye-catching figure with his arms outstretched, ready to embrace a little blond-haired lad created by his Father. Jesus is the master creator of jigsaw puzzles. He is the power behind the puzzle.

Let’s continue to allow The Holy to help us complete the Jigsaw puzzle of our life. Where should we place the next piece? What do you think?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary Sorrells

A GodReflection on Jesus and Jigsaw Puzzles.

One thought on “Jesus and Jigsaw Puzzles

  1. Great analogy my brother…we just have to sit back and let the One who has all the pieces, and knows their exact right location, do His work…


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